Condo Life LA was born in 2017 when a team of software engineers from Los Angeles was hired by multiple startups in several parts of the country.

Their positions required them to move out-of-state, forcing them to either sell their Los Angeles condos or rent it out. Fortunately, they all decided to turn their condos into rental property.

Finding tenants and managing their properties from out-of-state was far from an easy task. Even more daunting was finding the right property manager for their condos.

So, they put their engineering hats on and figured out a way to filter out 100s of managers and find the one that best fit their needs – CondoLifeLA.com was born.

Condominium Property Management

Property management comes in all shapes and sizes. Managing a condo is a completely different animal when compared to other property types. And because the Los Angeles area is so big and diverse, each area requires expert know-hows and experience to make sure vacancy rate stays low and the rent is paid on time.

The Objective

Condo Life LA matches Condo Owners with experienced Condominium Property Managers from a diverse group of property management companies in Los Angeles. Each property manager is a licensed broker or agent that specializes in Condos & Apartments in specific regionsĀ  and neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The Process → The Match

Property Type

Location & Demographics


Customer Service

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